Pay attention to safety when watching water screen movies
Author: Laselamp

A water curtain movie is formed by using a high-pressure water pump and a specially designed water curtain generator to spray water at high speed from bottom to top, forming an atomized white water curtain. With this as the projection background, computer signals and other video signals are projected onto the water curtain through projection equipment, forming a water curtain movie. To ensure everyone's safety and achieve a better visual experience, the following tips must be carefully read~

During the screening period, crowds gather. Please take personal protective measures against the epidemic and wear masks in a standardized manner throughout the entire process.

2. It is prohibited to bring flammable and explosive materials into the site. There are many people on site, please pay attention to safety.

3. The performance venue is limited, please consciously follow the instructions and guidance of the on-site staff.

4. The surrounding water area is complex, please do not approach to avoid accidents.


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