Performing Arts Theatre
  • Shenzhen Special Zone Establishment Celebration

    August 26th is the establishment day of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Using environmentally friendly green light as the main color, it brings a bright and beautiful feeling to the scene.

  • The 11th National Games of Shandong Province

    This will be destined to be an unforgettable moment, a time of passing down the torch between Qilu culture and modern sports. The ultra bright and long beam of light behind the scene is impressive.

  • Hangzhou Fireworks Festival

    The Hangzhou International Fireworks Conference is a large-scale fireworks display event organized by the Hangzhou government, with a huge scale.

  • Songcheng eternal love

    Songcheng is located at 148 Zhijiang Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, within the Hangzhou Zhijiang Tourist Resort. Create a beautiful time and space tunnel with laser and smoke.