The laser in a laser lamp does not belong to the natural light that exists in nature
Author: Laselamp

Laser pens, laser lights, laser televisions, laser printers... Laser items can be seen everywhere in daily life. What is laser? How is laser generated? Why are there so many uses?

In fact, laser does not belong to natural light, it is formed through a physical principle. If you want to understand how the laser of a laser lamp is generated, you need to understand several physical concepts. The first concept is transition. In the currently known scientific system, all matter is composed of atoms, which in turn are composed of atomic nuclei and extranuclear electrons. External electrons in orbitals at different energy levels move around the nucleus. Electrons located in low energy orbitals need to absorb a certain amount of energy to transfer to high energy orbitals. Conversely, electrons in high energy orbitals need to release some excess energy to transfer to low energy orbitals. The second concept is the luminescence process. In general, in the absence of external influences, high-energy atoms will spontaneously transition to lower energy levels and release excess energy in the form of luminescence, a process known as spontaneous emission. The lighting principle of the fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps we use in our homes is like this.

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