The rich natural and cultural characteristics and historical and cultural connotations of the Huangj
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Shanwei City, Haifeng County, is bordered to the south by the sea and backed by the Lianhua Mountain Range. It is a place where the cultures of Hoklo, Hakka, and Guangfu blend. Haifeng County is the hometown of the "King of Peasants' Movement," Peng Pai, and it is the birthplace of the first county-level Soviet regime in the country. The Red Palace and Red Square serve as a demonstration base for patriotic education, earning it the nickname "Eastern Moscow." Revolutionary sites such as the Red Palace and Red Square, Peng Pai's former residence, and the Chishan Yue Nong Hui (Chishan Peasant Association) have a significant influence throughout the country.

The Huangjiang River is the largest river in the revolutionary old area of Haifeng County, with a drainage area of 1,359 square kilometers. It flows from north to south and empties into the South China Sea at Haifeng Port Village, where it splits into two tributaries: Dongxi and Xixi. The Dragon Boat Race during the Dragon Boat Festival on the Huangjiang River is a distinctive local tourist attraction, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year.





The design of the Haifeng Huangjiang River Water Dance Show encompasses several thematic scenes, including "Abundance: Homeland of Fish and Rice," "Prosperity: Cradle of the Red Revolution," and "Abundance: Born Towards the Sea." These scenes seamlessly blend Haifeng's regional culture with the spirit of revolution through the use of cutting-edge international laser, lighting, holographic 3D projection technologies, and other innovative multimedia techniques by Shenzhen Laserland Technology Co., Ltd.
The entire design elements aptly capture the essence of Haifeng's regional culture and revolutionary spirit, presenting the natural and cultural characteristics and historical significance of Haifeng Huangjiang River from various angles. These advanced technical means create a more vivid and stunning effect, making the entire water dance show incredibly captivating.



It is worth mentioning that this water dance show marks the first-time collaboration with an international creative team, adding diversity and international appeal to the performance, providing the audience with a fresh and unique experience. Through this design and performance, it aims to further showcase and promote the culture, history, and natural beauty of the Haifeng region, while attracting more tourists and facilitating cultural exchanges and tourism development in the area



The Haifeng Water Dance Show uses water as a medium and creates a dazzling visual effect through the clever combination of elements such as lights, music, and fountains. With different program designs and water arrangements, it showcases diverse themes and stories, conveying emotions and cultural significance. This perfect blend of nature and art immerses people in a magical world of light, shadows, music, and water.

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