Guangxi Liuzhou Henglonghui Real Estate Double Landmark Lighting Project
Author: Laselamp

Henglong Hui is located in Henglong Commercial Plaza in Liuzhou, Guangxi, with a total construction area of 40339.11 square meters. The project is positioned as a large-scale commercial shopping center, with products mainly focusing on international first and second tier fashion clothing and well-known cosmetics brands, and supporting leisure facilities such as catering and entertainment.


The Henglonghui, which is equipped with laser lights, has higher discrimination and adopts a unique dual landmark cross matching effect. Covering the entire commercial street within the laser landmark beam range. Laser lighting has the advantages of bright colors, high brightness, good directionality, long range, and easy control, making it look more magical and dreamy. 


Henglonghui utilizes the non divergence of laser beams to attract the attention of people as far as a few kilometers away, and the point of laser emission has also become the focus of attention. Added vibrant colors to the commercial square.



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