Liaoning Yingkou Wang'er Mountain Scenic Area
Author: Laselamp

Wangershan Scenic Area is a provincial-level scenic spot in Liaoning Province, located on the characteristic tourism belt in the eastern part of Yingkou Development Zone. With a total planned area of 4.57 square kilometers, it is an important brand for the maternal love cultural industry and an important tourism and leisure center in the development zone.

Based on the positioning characteristics of the scenic area, laser lights are used as the main smoker to create a brand new theme park for the scenic area. Based on the youthful and lively positioning of the theme park, bold, strong, and rich colors are selected. Through the fusion of reality and virtuality, the passage of time and space, and the collision of visual and sound effects, we create a magnificent audio-visual feast for the audience. Let people immerse themselves in the magical light and shadow of day and night, passionate and unrestrained interpretation.

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