The 11th National Games of Shandong Province
Author: Laselamp

The opening ceremony of the 11th National Games of Shandong Province was held in Shandong Province, with a total of 12000 athletes from 46 delegations participating, surpassing the previous ten.

Under the premise of frugality, greenery, and excitement, the overall effect of this National Games can be described as dazzling, stunning, visually stunning, and strongly shocking. In the eyes of the illuminating person, this is a feast of sound and light; In the eyes of ordinary audiences, this is a novel and dazzling visual experience. This will be destined to be an unforgettable moment, a time of passing down the torch between Qilu culture and modern sports. The images projected on the "giant bowl" will also rapidly change according to the different themes expressed in each stage. The ultra bright and long beam of light behind the scene is impressive.


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